Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Visiuals From the Noosa Festival

The Noosa Festival of surfing just wrapped up. The surf looked pretty amazing. Tom had all his boards out for everyone to ride. Alaias, toothpicks, tunas, even a bluegill all the way from Michigan. I am pretty sure that is Cameron with a 20' long toothpick by Bill Wallace. At the festival this year they had a 20 minute long finless expression session during the contest and undoubtfully the funnest time of the event. This is Isaac Blyth on one of Tom's alaias, I am not sure of the size or model, during the session. It is amazing how these boards can slide down a wave but then engage to do a gouging cutback and then back into a lala down the line again.

All photoes by: Chris Stevens
More about the Noosa event to come

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  1. Jon, I can't thank you enough for turning me onto the Bluegill - the one that made it all the way from Michigan to Noosa! We got back last week. I surfed it exclusively for 4 weeks in Ecuador and 2 in Noosa...the surf at Noosa was so good for it. The stuff some of the guys down there are doing on the alaias and Bluegills (the few down there) is insane. It has changed surfing for me. You can see the one you sold me in the middle of this group pic. I'll be in touch soon.

    Ryan Gerard
    Third Coast Surf Shop