Saturday, October 23, 2010
Tony tried out a 8' Bluegill. Above is a link to his a post on He had never ridden a alaia or any other finless board. It took him a little time to adjust, but once it started to click for him he had a great time. Check out his website. There is board reviews of many makes and models. Also, It has videos and other entertainment.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Quad

Here is Jim's new quad; full template but much smaller than his longboard.

Monday, October 18, 2010

boards and fins

Amir picked up his olive. He proudly states no holes for a leash.
This is my first thruster set of wood fins. They are for a board shaped by the great John Lessing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Riding Clouds on the Lake in the Sky...

This was in our inbox recently, and just had to pass is along...

Dear Jon,

I have been having the best time surfing the alaia on Lake Tahoe! I have been getting incredible sessions in the clear lake water tht gives me the sesation of floating in the air. The water is so clear at times that you see shadows from breakers on the sand underwater- that make the breakers look like clouds in the sky. It amazes me how good the boards work and how I can surf the smallest wind chop. I needed to retrain my mind to what is a surfable wave size and have been riding the lake on a consistent basis since. I have only ridden a regular board once since I got the alaia and the foam board now seems akward, foreign, and slow. There is a picture of me riding the alaia on the lake at

the post "spring sugar and sweet surf". I got my brother on the alaia and he also became a quick convert- he got an alaia from the Patagonia shop and is surfing the north coast on it.

Thanks for the great alaia! Hope to surf with you in LA.


Note: Mark is riding a 7'2 stuth model alaia.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

tail-flex wood enhancement, bluegill technowledgy, kneeboard

Will came by with a 70s knee board with this flexy fiberglass tail. He wanted to make something new utilizing a flex tail. I recommend using wood as the flexer. I think wood has better flex characteristics than resin and fiberglass.
The question was how to get the wood on the tail. Answer, laminate a whole sheet of wood to the bottom of the board. Note, the Bluegill rails on the foam board.

With the help of Tyler Olsen, we vacuumed on a thin sheet of wood.

Shaped up.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cardiff Classic and Green Fair

We spent last weekend at the Cardiff Classic and Green Fair. The waves were good the whole time, the event was attended by a lot of people, and the info booths were inspiring. Our booth was practically on the rocks in front of the surf and across from the stage where really good music was live from morning to evening. The event is put together by Cardiff 101 and its purpose is to inform the public to be conscious about the environment and have fun. We must thank Betty Steele for inviting us to be a part of the event and her hard work putting together the event along with the rest of Cardiff 101. I believe these events are important, and should happen often. If people are around the message all the time it sinks in. For those who remember, nobody wore seat belts in the 70's. The seat belt campaign was heavy for a while. Now almost everyone wheres a seat belt. One feels naked with out one in a car. This is the Marko recycled foam blank glassed with Super sap bio resin from Entropy resin. The board came out super light and felt great. It was super buoyant and was incredibly fast. I brought it down , waxed it up, and let people demo it. People really liked the board and what it was made of, and all who rode it were stoked. Unfortunately, the board did not come home with me. Fortunately, Taylor Steele has it now. Without much alaia experience, he paddled out and got some really nice long rides and wanted a board.

You tell me.

Flat Stanley flew in from Seattle for the event.

Wood, bio, and recycled boards work insane. All these products will get even better if people support manufacturers who use ''greener materials.''

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