Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Memorial Day on a Bluegill and Alaia

This is from Memorial day weekend. Torrance Beach has been having a great spring season, which has been good for doing research on the latest boards. This movie shows how great the Bluegill trims front side and backside and how an alaia can do quick position turns in the pocket. The Bluegill is the 8'er and the alaia is 6'4''.

We are back from Mexico, and had a great trip. The waves and wind were good practicaly all day every day. I will be working to make a few short movies. Luckily the Montezumas did not effect any surf sessions and did not kick into gear until I was about to board the flight home. The guy in the back row isle seat was not stoked to see me heading his way, which was often.

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