Thursday, August 12, 2010

hollow experimental alaia/bluegill

This is my first chambered board. I thought would try a alaia template with some bluegill dynamics. I screwed together some est. 2 by 4s, shaped it until I hit some screws, unscrewed it and chambered the pieces, glued it back together and cleaned it up. The pictures are in various stages. I finished in time to take it to the Sacred Craft show this weekend. Come check it out. It came out 6'0''. It has some weight, but this could be good. If I do another this way, I think more wood can be chambered away.

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  1. JOhn, I'm interested in this construction method. I've done some boards using an internal frame covered in timber, but never considered doing it this way. How did you hollow out the timbers?

  2. I drilled holes big enough to get my jig saw into it and had at it.

  3. That beast looks like it could produce some fun.