Thursday, October 14, 2010

Riding Clouds on the Lake in the Sky...

This was in our inbox recently, and just had to pass is along...

Dear Jon,

I have been having the best time surfing the alaia on Lake Tahoe! I have been getting incredible sessions in the clear lake water tht gives me the sesation of floating in the air. The water is so clear at times that you see shadows from breakers on the sand underwater- that make the breakers look like clouds in the sky. It amazes me how good the boards work and how I can surf the smallest wind chop. I needed to retrain my mind to what is a surfable wave size and have been riding the lake on a consistent basis since. I have only ridden a regular board once since I got the alaia and the foam board now seems akward, foreign, and slow. There is a picture of me riding the alaia on the lake at

the post "spring sugar and sweet surf". I got my brother on the alaia and he also became a quick convert- he got an alaia from the Patagonia shop and is surfing the north coast on it.

Thanks for the great alaia! Hope to surf with you in LA.


Note: Mark is riding a 7'2 stuth model alaia.

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