Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alaia or Lord Board?

Ryan Birch, and I (with some clamping support from Mike Beckwith) put this together. It is a alaia with lots of float and a Lord Board (see Hydrodynamica) with more structure. First couple runs have been a success. It was a shot in the dark, but there is a ton of potential. This one is 4'6.''


  1. that is something special please post video of ryan shredding

  2. I gotta try something like this soon, Jon. Not that I can surf like Ryan, but he makes them look so fun.

    Ryan G

  3. Ryan, you are cool for commenting on posts you like. Thanks for comments from anyone.

  4. Very interesting Jon. by now everyone has seen Ryan shredding his chopped down cooler lid and I have been wondering if anyone would ever bother to firm the notion up some and make a harder wearing version of the Lord Board. This thing looks great. I have been thinking about knocking up a hollow wooden version of it maybe even with fins. Im thinking something between the Lord board and the Bing Speed Square...It's a crazy dream I know but we need dreams now more than ever.

    Carve On!