Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alaia Class At The Grain Factory

The class went great. Five students were enrolled. None of them Had tried an alaia before, but were very interested in riding one. We had two days to finish the boards. Everyone finished their boards, and was able to ride them on the Saturday morning of the Re-evolution demo day at the beach.
I flew in a couple of days before the class to mill and glue the wood into blanks.

The students did not have a lot of wood working experience, but quickly padded the floor with shavings.

When we were creating fine dust, the racks were moved outside.

Five new alaia riders on the East Coast. They were super stoked with their boards, and all had breaks in mine that sounded perfect for alaia riding.

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  1. Hey Jon - thanks for teaching the class and sharing all your great knowledge about Alaias - I got out a few days ago in some waist high beachbreak and had a blast (mostly riding prone but a few ups) - its gonna take some time like you said but I'll put the time in.

    I'd highly recommend Jon's class to anyone seeking out guidance on creating one of these surf crafts - he knows a ton about shaping and is a great guy to be around.



    ps I'll be in touch about the Bluegill sometime in 2012.