Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday School Wegener Style

Sunday's have become very special around here lately. We get to have a nice breakfast at a leisurely pace, and then of course we go surfing, with family and friends. Today the waves were small and the weather was nice so it was the perfect day for Sunday school...Wegener style. We took an entire quiver to the beach, and just played around. It was a good day to go finless...we had a toothpick, a mini-pick, an alaia, and the newest addition to the finless family...the Bluegill.

It was a great opportunity for everybody to try out the new boards for some r&d.

Jon hauled down the 10ft toothpick. Jon says..."I'm not riding toothpicks enough, these boards are really exhilarating!"

Wegener surfboards is currently developing a couple different models to try and bridge the gap between an alaia and your run -of-the-mill surfboard. Something that rides like an
alaia, but is easier to paddle.

Sean is riding a 7'6 toothpick also known as the mini-pick. Currently in development.

Local kids Ryan and Mike even put down their shortboards for a chance to try something new.

Ryan is trying out the new Bluegill (also currently in development)...wasn't sure we were gonna get it back! Mike rode an alaia, and had a blast on the tiniest of waves.

Well, the Greenflash model is not exactly experimental, but it's always fun!

Everybody had a great time experimenting. It made a day of small surf exciting. I can't wait for next Sunday!

-The Wegeners

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