Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Update

Hey gang, we hope that you all have had as relaxing a Thanksgiving weekend as we did. Jon and Sydney spent a lot of quality time pondering the fish in the river at the cabin. Sometimes it is good to get away from the surf and the shaping room. We always come back eager to surf, and excited about the next project in the garage.

We just thought that we would give you a peek at what has been happening around here as we get ready for the holidays. We are still really excited about the alaias. And it seems like the rest of the world is finally taking notice as well. The NY Times just ran an article on alaias. Check it out at the following link.
Jon has been busy filling holiday orders, there are blanks everywhere!

Our daughter Sydney just had a birthday, and while she claims that she does NOT want to surf when she grows up, she asked daddy for an alaia for her birthday...she is already accumulating quite a quiver!

Wegener Surfboards is still doing our best to produce state of the art foam boards as well. Jon's favorite foam boards right now... the 6'6 and 6'10 quadradamus. These two are headed for Icons of Surf in San Clemente.

And of course we are constantly working on R&D around here. The Bluegill is in the final stages of development, and will be going into production in early 2010! We are having a blast researching this one...we can't wait to share it with you! Ask for a demo at your favorite shop.
The Wegeners

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