Friday, February 5, 2010

The Bluegill

Winter is here, and even in Southern California we have a hard time being shoulder-deep in cold water on an alaia. Jon has been working around the clock trying to develop a board that rides like an alaia, but that battles some of the alaia's less desired aspects.

The Bluegill floats you above the water's surface, so you can stay just a little warmer in the winter. Because it floats more, it paddles like a can paddle back out to your favorite lineup and compete for waves! But like the alaia, the Bluegill still goes fast!

The Bluegill is not a replacement for an can just get that finless feeling more often and in situations where you might hesitate to ride your alaia. For example...a long paddle, in areas of strong current, bigger waves, a crowded lineup, or chilly waters! These are not the best situations for an alaia, but they are perfect for the Bluegill.

Here is just a preview...


The Wegeners

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