Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Phew!!! The holidays are behind us and it is time to dig in and start the new year right! Okay so the new year is a couple weeks old so we have some catching up to do. Jon just got back from the Surf Expo in Florida. I thought I would share a couple of pictures for those of you that are not East Coast shop owners or buyers. He took a nice selection of alaias. If you haven't seen an alaia at your local East Coast beach...stay tuned...I'm predicting 2010 to be the summer of alaias back east!

We are always looking for ways to photograph our boards. Jon and I spent the morning trying to set the boards against the hedge, but that little tombstone just wasn't tall enough to stand on it's own...finally we had to employ a different technique!

While having a shaper for a daddy has it benefits, it also has it's downfalls!

The Bluegill made it's East Coast debut and got a lot of attention! This beautiful board went to Isand Kite and Surf Complex in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. So if you happen to be surfing in N.C. and see a blue blurr whizzing past'll know it's a Bluegill.

The Bluegill in progress...

For some time now, Jon has been receiving requests for hollow wooden longboards like the ones that Tom makes. Jon has finally given it a are the first two boards that Jon and Curt Wegener (1st Wegener brother) have made. Both boards are Paulownia with Sequoia details. Both are noseriders. Both are going to be great fun!

If there is one thing the all three Wegener brothers have a hard time's staying still! Please check back to see the latest projects and innovations at Wegener Surfboards.
The Wegeners

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