Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is Curt and my 4th hollow longboard. It is a 9'8'' with sequoia and paulownia lumber. This is one of the nicest looking surfboards I have ever seen and am very proud of it. Upon first review, I did not see any crystallization with the sequoia, always a worry. The Bing Jacobs factory glassed it. The fin came out insane, again no crystallization. Stoked. You need to see in person how cool the grain looks. It kind of looks 3 dimensional. I really want to keep and ride it, but I can't afford it. I am riding Number 1 paulownia hollow presently. Wood longboards rid really good. Soo much momentum and forgiveness.


  1. Incredible! That's just about the most beautiful surfboard I've ever seen!

  2. Beautiful Jon!

    crystallization really is a problem with some woods...

    glassed with poliester or epoxy resin?

  3. Oh man, thats stunning!

    I have one of your brothers and its great to see you going down the same route