Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Sun Rises in California

Last March, the crew from Real Surf Shop in Izu, Japan came through town. They help me distribute my boards in Japan. They are alaia enthusiasts. While here, we went to the beach with a pile of boards to ride

I rode the 9'8'' hollow. Funny it is the middle of summer and I still need to wear a fullsuit. The water around 64 degrees.

This was Naoto's first time on a bluegill. I still have not cranked a turn like this. Naoto owns Real Surf Shop and is a former top professional in Japan.

Kai is the shop manager. He ripped on every board this day. That is a 6'10'' Stuth.

Kai again on a 5'10'' fish.

Naoto doing a Tom Curranisque bash off the mush on a 6'6'' Bluegill. I want to thank Shin Yamasaki for sending these pictures and helping with translation.

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