Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Greener Surfboards"

This is a 9'6'' made out of I Foam from Marko Foam for Josh Rothman, Rasta. I need to learn more about the foam. I know it is 100% recyclable, but it was very hard to shape, like rubber. I guess people have them done on the computer. We ordered the blank with no stringer. Josh and I made a custom stringer out of a piece of balsa I had, and glued it in. I learned to do this working at Walker Foam off and on for many years. Once shaped, we wanted to try out some bio resins from Entropy, specifically the Super Sap natural oil based epoxy resin. The resin has a yellow tinge to it. Some may have an issue with that so you can put some color in it. We put a little white on this board.

We feel we made a pretty green board with some of the latest materials. The board was just finished and will keep you updated.
I have really enjoyed making alaias and hollow boards out of wood. The wood I use is grown like a crop and has many beneficial attributes, like creating oxygen and returning nutrition to the soil. Standard foam boards are not great for the environment, but that is what most people ride, so if we need to make foam boards, let's do it better. I will be working on this and will keep you updated on the successes and failures.

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