Sunday, September 19, 2010

New boards for Icons of Surf

These are some boards I made for Icons of surf in San Clemente using the name of Chocolate Fish. We have come up with different functional designs, boards,colors and graphics. This is my Quadradamus Model with Chocolate fish colors. 6'4''

Ken, the owner of Icons, wanted to make some shorter single fins. The single fins I have ridden have usually been longer 6'6'' and up. So for inspiration I thought to my favorite movie clips, The Micheal Peterson footage in Hal Jepson's Super Session. In the sequence he is ripping cutbacks hitting the lip and getting deep tubes on waves just overhead. The session was so innovative for the time and I still have not seen anybody ride a single fin that well. I think the board he is riding looks something like this; Full outline, flat rocker, down rails. I also put some neat concaves in the bottom to keep the speed up.


  1. the diamond tail and the double bump with a 2+1 fin set up would be pretty damn fantastic. Actually, don't do it- I can't afford any more boards.