Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can't slow down, Cloudbreak

Bula Jon and Alex,

Happy to report that the test trials of the Blue Gill at Cloudbreak were completed today with great success. Awoke this morning at 5am, drank coffee, and headed to Cloudbreak for session #1. Surf looked small (headhigh) but perfect and decided to take out the magic sled. As soon as I reached the peak bigger sets started coming in but I was committed! The board performed beautifully even in hollow waves way overhead. My favorite part is the sideslip when you flatten the board out coming up to the lip. The board handles the bottom turns beautifully as long as you stay centered and I was blazing down the line making even the fastest of waves (haven't figured out how to slow it down yet) Hope to have the opportunity to ride it again at Restaurants. Broke my 6'4" on my third wave the first day so I have been riding the Blue Gill and my 6'0" kiteboard (straps off) exclusively.Surfed 3 sessions today with 3 different boatmen. No other surfers on the island today so we had way too many waves. Left the break this afternoon empty with perfect 4-8 ft face waves coming in.


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