Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tales from Restaurants

Long time family friend, Dave, ordered the wood veneer deck peanut Bluegill (pictured a couple of posts back). He took it to Tavarua to ride for the first time. Here is his first report.

Bula from Tavarua!
Arrived yesterday on island to fair sized surf. Broke my 6'4" Firewire quad on my third wave a Cloudbreak. Went for a second session at Restaurants low tide on the Bluegill crashed and burned. Handed the board over to one of the boatmen, Mike, from Kailua who slotted the thing perfectly and then Dustin, another boatman, from La Jolla caught probably 12 waves on the Bluegill and came out of the water just smiling ear to ear. Encouraged by their success I woke up at 5:15 this morning, had a cup of coffee, and headed back out to Restaurants where I dialed it in and caught probably 20 of the longest rides of my life riding the board off the front foot down the line and stepping back to stall and turn off the bottom and top. The board is a success! All of the boatmen are clamoring to take turns. Haven't tried it a Cloudbreak yet as the surf came up bigger today.

Many thanks!

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