Monday, January 17, 2011

Japan, The Present Tour

I rediscovered some pictures from a trip to Japan 2009. We were there to promote alaia riding and to meet and greet the crowds with Thomas Campells "The Present". This picture is a alaia demo set up by Real Surf Shop. This guy could walk no problem. It was the cat who needed the wheel chair.

This morning was not very cold, so I assume these garments are for special ceremonies.
Sacred bamboo forest.

I went to Japan with Matt Williams who was visiting from Australia. He works with Tom there. We met up with Harrison Roach. We did some demos went to the Green Room festival ( a very cool event), and drank a lot of beer. We were the guests and brought around by Mr. Mogi and the rest of the Laid Back Films. In the picture below, we are at the Patagonia store in Tokyo, where their was a showing of the Present. Dan Malloy, Thomas Campell, and John from Mollusk were also there.

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