Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Years Board

I needed a bigger board here in North County due to the crowds some days. I wanted something I could paddle with against people riding noseriders, but I don't want a noserider right now. I am addicted to speed right now. Speed traveling on waves that is. This is a parabolic stringer blank, not that unlike a Bluegill. That is red foam out on the rails. The board is 8'10''. I did not want a longboard, but a progressive board. It is a wood fibreglass single fin. Single fins work better. The board has a sand finish to keep the weight down and is easier to hold on to.

This blank I have had a while. I picked it up before Walker Foam closed. I Thanked Harold and the Walker team when I shaped this board (to myself) for catalysing the movement to make quality foam. Before he began making foam again in the early 90's Clark foam was pretty crappy. A good board would delaminate in 6 months, ding, fill with water,and the board was ruined. Almost 20 years later foam is much better and I think it is Harold we must thank. The only problem now is boards last much longer and people order less surfboards (and blanks).

The board has a light double concave in the nose and the tail. I put this in to help catch waves, for close tolerance trimming and speed. This board is really fast, and to my surprise it noserides pretty good to.

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  1. Hey Jon, love the single fin and idea of speed. I have always been into speed, via Joey Cabell. Lets keep this shape in mind for my board. Can't wait to talk H20 and concepts with you and Mickey.
    Cheers, Will