Thursday, May 27, 2010

This a 6'4'' Wegg. It is usually set with a longer middle fin, 6'', with side bites. It ride with the volume of a fish and is still surprisingly fast even with the middle fin. It works great for people who have a hard time adapting to twin fins. The back fin helps it do more vertical, like off the lips and has good control backside. Swirls are kind of old hat, but I really like them. This is a good one done by Jorge at Bing/Jacobs glassing.

My brother Curt and I have made some tables. I have been using this one at the Sacred Craft Shows and other events. It is Sugar pine and Sequoia with a fibreglass finish. 6'long 24'' wide. We want to make some more tables so I am going to clean this one up and see what happens if it goes onto eBay. It has been bumped around a little, but I think it will look pristine again.

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