Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer wood supply and fresh boards

I just received my latest batch of really nice lumber. It is light and clean. I now have light lumber for the shorter boards, and denser, sturdier lumber for longer, wider alaias. The water is warming up and alaia enthusiasts are stoked to get some wood under their feet.

Getting Paulownia is very difficult and expensive, and the story behind this batch is customs difficulties, permits, storage fees, shipping costs, and the cost of the lumber itself. Luckily, I have developed good relationships with the lumber yards from whom I purchase it from. When looking for Paulownia, I suggest purchasing it from me. It will save you a lot of time, and headaches. I am happy to sell when I have a surplus. Usually distributors are not interested in shipping a small amount of wood. I usually sell it in a blank, Up to 7' around 17.5 inches wide by 7/8'' thick.

Here are some new boards, The Mini Logs are 8'0'' 22 1/2'' wide. The Fish is a 5'8'' Quad. The bluegills are 6'1'' and 8'0''.

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