Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wood Fins Hollow Red Wood Log, and Burnt Knuckles

The wood projects are't finished until they have been branded. This is delicate, dangerous work. A boffed branding can ruin a otherwise perfect project. Branding is difficult because, the brand must be fricken hot, if not hot enough the mark will be light or incomplete. Then, you need to rebrand right on the same spot. This is not easy. Getting a hot brand puts your hands close to the fire and is usually painful. Being clumsy is not an asset for good branding. One must have a steady hand and not move anthing once the brand touches the wood. Any mishaps cannot be erased

I put together these fins for two Model A's, Tom Wegener Model, I shaped for Jacob's Surfboards. I think the small brand looks cool.

Here is the latest hollow board. 9'8'' Sequoa Paulownia Log. I will make a matching fin. I was a little nervous branding this one. A lot of work went into this board. More pictures soon.


  1. Looks like you have it down to a fine art Jon. The fins look sweet, & the craftmanship of that log is beautiful! Congrats!

  2. Lovely work Wegs.
    Get the branding irons welded onto a stem with a wooden handle. Ranch style. Im sure this would be less risky to arm hair :o)